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For  the 17 million people around the world living with Cerebral Palsy, the  challenge of getting from place to place is something that at times can  be simply exhausting. And for some, the thrill of running is something  they may never come to know.

That,  quite simply, is why Team Footsteps of WNY exists, and why we will be  running the Buffalo Marathon again on Sunday May 24, 2020- to run for  those who cannot.

While  marathon training takes commitment, it does not compare to the daily  challenges faced by our friends with Cerebral Palsy. Team Footsteps is  stepping up so that others may someday be able to step forward and is  running in support of those living with Cerebral Palsy by raising funds  and awareness for Footsteps of WNY, Inc.

Since  2013, the 64 runners of Team Footsteps have raised over $50,000, which  has provided over 300 weeks of therapy and $25,000 in assistive  technology for those in need.

There  are race distances of 5k, 13.1, 26.2, during marathon weekend this  year. Our team is stepping up again in 2020 so that others in Western  New York living with Cerebral Palsy may someday be able to step forward.  Will you run with us?

If  you aren't a runner, but would like to be a race day volunteer for the  on behalf of Team Footsteps, please let us know. For your time and  energy, the Buffalo Marathon will make a donation to our cause on your  behalf..

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