Cerebral Palsy Book

Kyle and The Cape of Courage

Kyle is a typical kid, who loves typical kid things. There is one thing  that sets Kyle apart from the rest of the kids. Kyle has Cerebral Palsy and dreams of one day doing things like riding a bicycle. One day a  surprise arrives in the mail that inspires Kyle to be a whole new Kyle.  This version is happier, stronger, and more determined. Not only does he find the courage to face his fears, but also the determination to make his dream come true,   

Join Kyle as he takes you on a new adventure with his greatest superpower...his courage to try!

"I had spent hours looking for a children’s book for my son that would  be relatable to him and allow his classmates to more fully understand,  or at least think about how life may be a little different than theirs. I  gave up. I was so thrilled to learn of this book"

                                                                                         Jennifer B.- Lancaster, NY

Locally Published by Imagine We, LLC in Lockport,NY

Great for Parents, Teachers, and Kids!

We  want to share this book so children who have Cerebral Palsy can see  themselves in literature. And also for other children so they may begin  to cultivate their compassion and understanding of those challenged by a disability .